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1/Toilet seat :

First, you have to check the dimensions of the new toilet seat to make sure it will fit with your bowl. Our toilet seats fit standard bowls.


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Common Toilet Seat Installation

Typically, the most difficult job of replacing a seat is removing the old one. Depending on the seat you own, it can be removed with either a screwdriver or a wrench.  Remember, your tools are steel and can easily chip the bowl, which is porcelain.  If the bolts are rusty or badly calcified, you can spray them any penetrating oil, but use only if you do not intend to use the seat again.  Let the oil sit for five or ten minutes, and then try loosening the bolts again.  If they still won't move, you might want to consider calling a professional.

Your common toilet seat is usually very basic and easy to install


  1. Remove the old seat using the instructions above
  2. Place new toilet seat on the toilet bowl with the hinges over the bolt holes in the toilet bowl
  3. Easily open hinge caps
  4. Drop the bolt through the open hinge and bolt hole
  5. Screw the bolt nut around the bolt until tight.