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  • Home Decorating Basics that Never Go Out of Style

    Home Decorating Basics that Never Go Out of Style

    Decorating your home can get easier even if you don’t consider yourself as one of those artistically gifted people in interior decoration. With these basic home decorating tips, you will always have some foundation knowledge in home decorating to guide you along the way. Learning the basics of home decoration will make you more confident in your decorating choices, making the process more fun and fulfilling for you. You can then explore your own creativity, make some changes according to what’s trending next or experiment just for the sake of art.

    1. Start with a single focal point. Choose the collection , the artwork or the piece of furniture which you would consider you focal point in the room. This piece will be taking the spotlight while the rest of your decors, furniture and other accessories will take secondary or supporting roles in the room decoration. Once you have picked that one piece you want to highlight in the room, making choices about the rest of the room will be pretty manageable. Simply consider the things that would go right with your focal point, especially those that would make the focal piece stand out and draw attention towards itself. 


    2. Consider room-to-room sight lines. When choosing the location of your focal point, the best spot is usually directly across the door. This way, your focal point can be seen clearly from one room to the next. When the focal point readily catches the eyes, it feels like you are being drawn between this room towards the other room.

    3. Decide on the paint color last. While a lot of people start imagining the room’s decoration with the color of the wall, making the decision about which exact color and shade to use should actually come last. Even if you have the color already set in mind, it’s still best to finalize your wall paint color once everything else has been placed where you want them to be. With the furniture, upholstery, accessories and decors already in the room, you can pick which exact color, hue and tone would look best for the whole room. Finally, always try the paint color before painting the whole room with it. See how it makes the room look given your light source and types of furniture and upholstery.

    1. 4. Give yourself plenty of space. Resist the urge to fill up the room with furniture and decors which might limit your traffic in the room. The less you put in the room, the better it is for everyday activities. As for your decoration, you can pick your focal point, complement it with a few decors and you can maximize your décor’s or artwork’s potential to elicit awe and appreciation from its viewers.
    2. Avoid cliché in decorating. Avoid putting in a whole set of items which are expected to go together to achieve a theme. If you want to give the room a particular look, do it so by subtly putting things together, rather than blatantly combining items which are rather cliché or overused in other people’s rooms. Overdoing a theme can be unpleasant for a home.
    3. Hang your wall art at the right height. No matter how high or low your ceiling might be, your artwork must be placed to meet people’s eyes and not to match your room’s structure. Of course, some pieces can be hanged to complement the room’s dimensions. But always remember that artworks are for humans to look at and admire from a comfortable angle. You can start by placing your wall art’s midline about 57 inches from the floor.
    4. Properly arrange furniture and accessories on a rug. Rugs can make a room look cozy and luxurious. A bigger rug can accommodate furniture sets. The effect would be really classy and pretty. Just make sure you still have around 15 inches of floor surface left, creating a margin in all four sides of the rug. A more cost-efficient choice, though, would be a smaller rug which is placed in the center of living room furniture. The furniture do not stand on the rug but the it looks like the edge of the rug almost touches the front legs of the furniture. For a spacious and open feeling about the room, simply arrange your furniture so that the front feet alone stands on the rug, a trick which ties the pieces together.

    When you know these basic tricks to room decoration, you can confidently begin a decoration project. Feel free to get creative and experiment with different ideas.

  • Three Practical Ways to Storing Your Drapes and Curtains

    As you change your window treatments for spring, it’s important to store your curtains and drapes the right way. Knowing how to pack and store your winter window treatments can help prevent damage and wrinkles so that you can still use old drapes for future use. More importantly, you can minimize the hassle of having to tackle huge and heavy fabrics. To do this, you have three options: to roll, to hang, or to fold. All three methods work great, depending on your preferences and your storage space.


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    Option One: Rolling Drapes into Tubes

    Rolling drapes will help you store your drapes while protecting them from tear, wrinkles, and damages. You can store your rolled drapes by stacking them on top of each other. Rolled drapes are also perfect if you’re planning to move them from room to room, or take them some other place.

    Heavy drapes must first be dusted thoroughly before attempting to keep them away. You can give them a nice pat down or take them to dry cleaners to make sure they’re clean, as well as damage-free.

    Once it’s clean, you can start rolling your drapes out on a clean floor. Place the drapes neatly on the floor so that the pleats or folds are in place. Then, carefully, and neatly fold it in half. Keep folding your drapes in half until you achieve the desired tube length you need for your storage space.

    You can stack them together in a clean, dry box. Better yet, store them individually in tubes. This will make sure they are safe from the fading effects of sunlight and the possible damage from creases and tears. Storing them in air tight containers or tubes will protect them from moisture, mildew, as well as from rats and other crawlies.

    By the time you’d need them again, you can just take them out of their tubes, steam them a little bit and they will be as nice as they are now.











    Option 2: Hanging Curtains and Drapes

    Your second option could be the best way of storing drapes and curtains. It might, however, take up a lot of your wardrobe space. If you’re dealing with light-weight fabrics, though, or if you have plenty of wardrobe space, you should hang your curtains. Hanging them will eliminate the need to remove creases from folding.

    Hanging drapes is also great for very heavy fabrics and draperies which are extremely difficult to take down, clean and store. If you opt to hang your drapes, makes sure that they are hung in a clean, dry place where they would not accumulate dust over the months. Keep them away from sunlight to keep them from fading and always check the area for crawling intruders.

    Option 3: Folding and Storing in Containers

    If you have sturdy and air-tight containers, folding can be a good option for storage too. In fact, a lot of people find this simple as the containers they use can be easily stored among other things in the storage room. But, in order to make this work, make sure that your type of drapes would not be permanently creased and torn when folded and stored in containers.

    Before storing your curtains and drapes, make sure they are clean, dry, and free of damage-causing materials. You could either dust heavy drapes or wash those that need extra cleaning. Next, fold your drapes, taking care of where the folds should fall to minimize creases. Make as few folds as possible and do not press them down with the container’s lid to minimize creases. Give some room for the drapes to “breathe “so that the folds don’t become permanent and eventually tear.

    Store your drapes in a cool, dry, and dark place. Make sure no crawlies could get into the containers. If you’re storing your curtains for a long time, make a regular check-up and look for mildew and other damages.  Also, label the containers so that it would be easy for you to locate the ones you need without having too much trouble. When writing the labels, include the date of storage so that you can easily identify which of your stored drapes need to be checked every few months.

    Storing your drapes and curtains the right way will not only make your home neat and organized. It will also help you preserve the perfect condition of your drapes and curtains for future use.

  • Winter is over!

    Window Treatments Tips and Ideas for Spring

    Winter is finally over and it’s time to open those windows and let the sunshine in. Heavy window treatments meant to trap as much heat as possible can now be kept away so you could enjoy the gentle gush of spring air. Now is the perfect time to take out those light colored and light weight textiles and give your windows a makeover. Here are a few ideas to welcome spring into your home.

    Light-Weight Light-Colored Materials

    It’s time to let the sun in. Use some lightweight materials of bright colors to let a lot of sunlight into the room. More importantly, lightweight materials will make the room cooler even when it’s hot outside. A little bareness in the windows will let the warmth escape from the room easily and not trap it like an indoor greenhouse effect.

    Bear in mind that your room will be needing a few changes too, if they are to keep up with your pretty and breezy windows! Make everything seem light and bright so that you can enjoy the springtime view through your windows and right inside your room. You could start by changing pillow cases and rugs to match the new looks of your windows. The bright and light looks about your room will surely make you feel refreshed and renewed.

    No Fabric at All

    You could use light fabrics on your windows or you could leave it bare without any curtains at all. Springtime is the best time among the four seasons to give your windows the chance to shine on their own. With the perfect temperature, outside, it would be something truly refreshing to go with bare windows and let the fresh air circulate freely in and out of the room. You could also opt for other types of window treatments which do not involve covering your windows with fabric. You might want to consider installing light wood blinds or shutters to give you an unobstructed view of the beautiful life flourishing just outside your windows.

    There are many varieties of shutters available to help you find the unique style that would be best for your decorating. There are modern, clean lined treatments which are very neat and gives you uninterrupted view. Traditional treatments are also available to give your room the ornate cornice headers to give your windows a not-so-bare look. Ditching the fabric for this season can be a great experience for you. But make sure you maintain a dust-free window or you might ruin your room’s otherwise beautiful design.

    A Combination of Window Treatments

    What if your window looked bare without layers of window treatments? Well, you can still achieve a cool, breezy feeling inside your home if you knew how to combine window treatments the springtime way. Simply select the layers of texture, color and pattern that would give your window the springtime look it needs.









    Multiple window treatments are usually helpful if your windows receive too much sunlight. A glare problem would also a good reason to seek some layers of window treatments, such as sheers and even some window films. If the wind is still too cold for you, you could hang some lightweight fabrics to keep the wind out while letting the sunshine in. The view will also be pleasant if you used some almost see-through fabrics on your windows. You might also want to install tall window treatments which extent from the ceiling to the floor for the sole purpose and making your room seem larger and more spacious.

    The key to having a great springtime window treatment is to give yourself a wonderful view of the sunny surroundings while keeping the room perfectly pleasant and refreshing.


  • Have a Festive Home with these Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decorating Tips

    A clover leaves, some booze and whole lot of green- that’s how you dress up your place into a real St. Patrick’s Day party. With this most festive day fast approaching, decorating your space for the St. Patrick way is simply a must. And with just three symbolic items in hand, you will be amazed at how much change fun you can put in a room. Read on and find out how to mix and match St.Patrick’s icons to decorate your home the Irish way!

    Creative Clovers

    First, you’ve got to make some shamrock leaves, bearing in mind some basic art principles of balance and emphasis. This means that you’ve got to make some small leaves and a few big ones to clutter around the room. Here is some brilliant way to get yourself some awesome shamrock leaves:

    These simple cut-outs glued on used paper could give a room the fun air it needs to get a party going.









    This simple sewn clover leaf is another easy way to make some lovely greens of your own.
















    These tiny clover leaves can be put together to make a wreath. If you’re out of time, you might want to copy this five-minute St. Patrick wreath using only some greenish scarf and a wreath ring.


















    Simply wrap an old Christmas wreath with a green scarf, starting from the top and tying it up in carefree ribbon. You might want to skip the ribbon and decorate the wreath with some flowers instead. Of course, a St. Patrick wreath will not be complete without a touch of clover leaf on it.

    This wreath is another very easy project which you could finish in less than an hour. Simple make one template, trace it over two shades of green, cut them out and glue them in a circle. Find a sturdy cardboard to use as ring to support your wreath.











    A Splash of Green

    Another way to give your home an authentic St. Patrick makeover is to creatively inject green in everything. Those shamrocks are one way. This green bathroom set is another, just an easy way to enhance your bathroom décor in a few minutes.
















    You could paint it with letters or simply hand some artsy stuff around their necks for a more fun look.










    Mix in a little green in those yummy foods too! This grilled cheese sandwich will not only be healthier, but also appropriate for the occasion with its layer of broccoli in it.













    You may do this trick in your treats. Green cupcakes, green candies, or even just green ribbons around your ordinary cups.










    These greenish Oreos are super easy to prepare and you can never go wrong with Oreos! You can get creative and decorate any cookie with icing, mixing in green any way you want.

    These paper cutouts are a great way to add more clover shapes on your table. Simply glue the ends of these green rectangles so that they form a heart with extra paper hanging at the bottom. Glue them together, three or four hearts at a time and you have yourself some clover leprechaun golds.

    With these easy St. Patrick’s project ideas, you can give your home something uniquely Irish. Have lots of fun being crafty and creative.

  • Top 5 Home Décor Gifts for International Women’s Day

    International Women’s day, 8th of March is a globally accepted day to celebrate the social, cultural, political and economic achievements of women in this world. Since 1900s, this day was started to be considered, when the industrialized world suffered huge turbulence and expansion. There was a flourishing growth of population as well as the rise of forceful ideologies. This day is also marked to accelerate gender parity. The struggle of women for equality is not bestowed on a single person but to all women out there. Women bear the same rights, equality and are no less than anybody else. International Women’s day is all about reflection, unity, advocacy, action and celebration of women’s progress globally as one. Therefore, nothing can be better than honoring or showing respect to the women of your life by gifting specially on this day. Women bind all the ties together in a family and it is them who maintain a house properly and beautifully. Hence, home décor things would be a great option to present them. Summon all your excitements within you as we are going to mention the top five home décor gifts that women of your house would surely love.

    1. Window curtainsROB1622793doublesheerredblack2

    Window curtains can be a beautiful and appealing gift for International Women’s day. Elegant curtains adorn a house or particularly a room in an exclusive way. These are available in various materials, designs, colors and types like woven sheer, printed sheer, or double layered sheer. Curtains have always being in the choice list of women so gifting such a window treatment could really make her day.







    1. Soap Dishes

    Soap dishes can be a beautiful and valuable gift too. These hold soap bars properly which are used for washing hands or other cleaning purposes. Soap dishes are made of plastics, metal or even stoneware. They could be even hanged on the wall or kept near washbasins or bathtubs. Soap dishes come in various designs, colors, and sizes. This is a very valuable bathroom accessory that can be used by your mother, relatives or guests all the times.soap dish 6436-100





    1. Showpieces

    It is one of those home décor items that are available every shape or form starting from idols to appealing statuettes. You will get every type of showpieces in different sizes to present. You will be able to choose from the wide available option the best one that would be appropriate for your house and women’s like. Whatever might be the material, design or shape, a beautiful showpiece can surely bring a smile on the face.

    1. Flower Vase

    Delicate flower vases are always the popular choice when it comes to gifting. Flower vases make the house look alluring. You will get this item in various elegant designs, colors, and shapes. However, no matter what the design or color is, flower vases will always uplift the elegance of your house. One would be able to keep natural fresh flowers, artificial flowers or even showpieces in it.

    1. Photo Frame

    Photo frames are one of the best mediums to preserve wonderful memories. It will not only help to keep a photo in better condition but also will let the person remind of that appealing moment in the photo. This would be perhaps an exclusive gift to present the important women of your life. These frames come in various designs, shapes, and colors. Choose any one of them and if you can, set a photo in it and then gift it to them. They would surely smile at the very first glance of it.

    Well, these were the top five home décor gifts for International Women’s day. You can choose any of them and make the women of your life feel special on this day.

  • How to Host a Great Housewarming Party

    So, you've finally settled in your own home. You've unpacked your stuff and probably did half of the furnishing job around the house. It's now time to share your joy of acquiring a new home with family, friends and some colleagues. This is your time to celebrate the blessing of a new home and also receive some more stuff which you could actually use around the house. So, cheers! Here are some advice you might find very helpful in planning your, probably, first housewarming party.

    1. Make a guest list, the length of which is proportional to the space your home could offer to guests. Your guest list include family members, close friends, colleagues and maybe, some friendly neighbors. Your list will help you determine the setup of the party, the foods and drinks needed, budget and even the schedule of the party itself.
    2. Continue reading

  • Interior Decorating Tips for Newlyweds: Making your first home together

    Moving in to your first home as a married couple? It's one of most exciting milestones of life. However, after having spent a lot on your wedding, honeymoon and, of course, the new home, decorating your first home could be really tough. But, no matter how tired you seem, physically and financially, you just have to start unpacking your stuff sooner than later. Muster all that excitement within you because we are here to give you some very helpful tips to turn that new place into the home your marriage will flourish in.
    Continue reading

  • How to Decorate Your Home with High Ceilings

    While a lot of people would see a high ceiling as a disadvantage when it comes to redecorating, it can actually be your asset if you know how to use it to your advantage. A well-decorated room of high ceilings can inspire creativity and a sense of freedom. When you know how to handle all that free space above your living room, you can even enjoy that cozy feeling that low ceilings provide. So, to redecorate your home with high ceilings, always remember to put its space and height to good use while addressing its interior decorating challenges.
    So, how do you deal with all that extra height?

    If you feel that your room has just too much height it feels so sacred, you can redecorate it so that it doesn't feel so overwhelming. Continue reading

  • Ten Interior Decorating Basics for Every Homeowner

    You might not be the most artistic member in the family, but you sure can beautify your home yourself with these simple, yet very handy interior design basics. By keeping these design tips in mind, you can muster enough confidence to finally start redecorating your home just the way you like it.

    1. Every room must start with a focal point. This will keep your room from looking unorganized or messy. Simply decide which part of the room you’d like the spectator’s eyes to focus on,and then base your design decisions on it.

    2. Apply balance when placing decorations around the room. Make things symmetrical or even asymmetrical. Just try to distribute similar items evenly throughout the space so that it feels satisfactorily balanced to the eye. Continue reading

  • Five Most Important Design Tips When Decorating a New Home

    Moving into your very own home for the first time can be both exhilarating and stressful. You’ve spent years wondering what your own house would be like and now, you’re finally living the dream. You’ve done your job looking for the house you’d love to spend the next years of your life. Now, it’s time to convert that house into something you would really enjoy living in. Before you make any major decisions, read on through this article first and be guided by the experts with these five most important

    1. Start from scratch, even if the place looks furnished and set already. Clean the house and let go of the old stuff as much as you could, say 30 to 50 percent of them. This will give you a fresh start and allow your imagination to run free. This first step is actually crucial since this will determine whether or not you would be living in the home of your liking for the next few years. So, clean that house and start afresh. Continue reading

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